PET Strapping

PET STRAPPING BAND strapping is widely used in all industries at present. Made from 100% Polyester, it possesses strong tensile force and good flexibility. Compared to PP strapping, PET strapping is more resistant to bending and durable at higher temperatures. It can also be an alternative for steel strapping in various types of work such as steel sheets, steel pipes, steel and aluminum coils, etc. PET strapping comes in various sizes and thickness depending on the goods in question. Therefore, it is important to choose the right size of strapping for each work.

PET Plastic Strapping  | บริษัท วัฒนพันธุ์ อินดัสเทรียล จำกัด
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PP Strapping

PP STRAPPING BAND, also known as plastic strapping made of Polypropylene materials, has high stength, flexibility, low weight, and high durability in both cold and hot temperature. It is suitable for securing various types of packagings and products, making them convenient for shipping. It is suitable for use with a semi-automatic machine. If, however, you use other types of tools in your packing process,  please inform the production team in advance, so they can adjust the thickness of the strapping.

PP strapping | บริษัท วัฒนพันธุ์ อินดัสเทรียล จำกัด
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